Wednesday, January 28, 2009

miss you...

1 whole week without writing!! Hmm...what do i have to report¿?¿
Rookie's been in his glory, Jon and I finally started letting him off his leash in our yard, him and Izzy are in love! We also had another dog living in our compound for a few days because one of the guys went outta town. His name is King (Lab/Collie X). This is a picture of the both of them on our couch!

I started work today!! Now I know many of us complain of having to get up in the morning, drag our butts out of bed and into a Timmy's/Starbucks for some yummy morning Java! But see its the little things in life that make us who we are! Of course we all dream of what we could be doing other then work, visiting the Great wall of China, Dance on the shore in Fiji, wishing upon a falling star.
Jon made some coffee for us this morning (it wasnt starbucks but it was made with love), i grabbed a cup and smiled because today for the first time since we got here, I felt it. This is all starting to feel real. A feeling which is very hard to explain, an overwhelming surge of EVERYTHING!!!
I miss my mom, never thought i'd say this but i miss turning your light off before i go to bed.
Daddy, miss the little talks... your delicious suppers!
My Nonni, The lunch phone calls, even when i really wasn't hungry.
Sister, I miss everything...Wal-mart shopping...Starbucks ( The Way I See It #263
Run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.
-- Dean Karnazes), the "did you know(s)'....
My Steven (aka. Little lover)...your handsome innocent baby blues...your hugs...your kisses...just you....
My dearest are so beautiful...just looking at you i forget all the worry, the fear, the uncertainty that this world holds.
I miss you all and many many more...
Love always

"Though miles may lie between us, we're never too far apart'

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What a day!¿!

Last night i decided to make Gnocchi (nonna style), i boiled the potatos, mushed everything together, rolled it out, cut them in little pieces and put them on cookie sheets!! I must add, that i floured them very, very well so they wouldn't stick togther! All proud of myself i set them aside until Jon came home to cook them up! WORST MISTAKE EVER!!! When he came home i went back to the kitchen to boil the H2O and pop them in, well they we ALL stuck together! So there i was, rolling out the dough...again, upset at myself for not cooking them sooner... Blah! Here's a picture of some of the kitchen and where i was making the Gnocchi!

'Never let the problem become an excuse'

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Well we finally moved in!! We're kinda...almost..sorta unpacked!! The kitchen is done, now just the bathrooms, the bedrooms, the living room and the little things in between!
Rookie Met 2 new dogs so far! Izzy is part Huskey/shepard/everything, I think Rookie found himself a little lady ;-)!! Ranger is a black Lab, we're still working on that relationship! Hopefully i'll have pictures up soon!!
p.s It's my Birthday! Happy Birthday!!

'And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.'
-- Abraham Lincoln

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Calling all MINI EGGS!

CALLING ALL MINI EGGS!! I only have 1..2...3...4...5....6 oh wait only 5 left!!
Today was a pretty good day! It was so nice outside, only -12!I took Rookie for a little walk, we passed like 10 people, they all seemed so friendly. They all passed with a hello or a wave but then I started maybe they we're just waving and laughing inside because i was the only person who had a dog on a leash up here! oh dear!
I didn't have anything to bake a cake for Jon's br-day so i made COOKIES instead!! Their super yummy, I sent (most of) them into work for him and the boys to munch on!
I finally got a Picture of MARLEY! There she is, her and Rookie were bouncing around all afternoon! She's pretty crazy, when she comes charging at you, she's got the strength to push you right over!

One more day and we can actually call a place ours! I can't wait to start making it our home! The little things, I miss all my pictures and things that remind me of home, family and friends!
We just bought a new TV, 42' flat screen LCDHD baby!! Now i know we really dont need it but i guess we can concider it our welcoming present to eachother!

'In the middle of a difficulty lies opportunity'. ---Einstein, Albert

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 6!

Saturday already! Wow, We've been here for almost a full week. I can't wait to get settled into our own house with our things! The guy living in our house toured it with his video camera so i at least know what im moving into! It looks pretty nice! 3bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms on the main level! The kitchen is pretty big, lots of room to cook up some yummy suppers!
Jon's Birthday today!! HAppy Happy Birthday Hunnie!
Till tomorrow!
'Love enables you to put your deepest feelings and fears in the palm of you partner's hand, knowing they will be handled with care.' ------Carl S. Avery

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The start of a new journey...

Where do I begin? Well just recently my fiance, myself and our puppy named Rookie (shepard X) moved from Winnipeg, Mb to 'the middle of nowhere' AKA NORTHERN Sask.

This was one of the first few pictures i took when we got here. This was the view from the living room at the first house we stayed at. As weird as it feels to be so far from home, so lost in the middle of nowhere, our surroundings have a sense of peace. Now don't misunderstand 'peace' becuase their is a lot of bad stuff the goes on in this community but its the moments like in this picture that have such beauty. Its hard to show people pictures and have them flip though them like a picture book. When their your pictures, you not only look at them but you feel them. That's the difference in actually capturing a moment like this one to just 'seeeing' a picture.

So we're in the process of house hopping, until the person living in our house is moved out, which is Monday! The first house we lived at for 2 nights had a 8month old Black lab! Oh may i add not only are we house sitting becuase the peoples houses we're staying at are temp. out of town, we have also been puppy sitting!! Ok so this Black lab, her name is Marley! Beautiful dog but CR@ZY!! She's got so much energy!! Bouncin' around with such joy to be meeting new people and more importantly another 'dog' friend. Rookie was So tired from the whole plane ride that it was hard for him to keep up. I don't have a picture of Marley but i hope fo get one soon!!

Moving on to our next house! This house has a dog name Louis. Not sure what kind of dog he is but he's just a little one. Rookie seems a little bit more at ease with him beause he just doenst have the crazy hyperness like 'Marley'. Here's a picture of Louis!

And last but not least our 'little' Rookie! He was a pound puppy. Jon and i had talked about getting a dog before we moved, for protection and company. We looked at the WHS and never really connected with the dogs we looked at. One monday morning I went down to the pound in winnipeg with my loving and patient sister, Kristina. It was so sad walking though and seeing the depressing faces on those poor dogs longing for someone to love them, care for them and most of all to give them their second chance in this world. Their were 2 dogs that had gotten my attention, the first one was a pure breed black lab 2yrs old, the other was the Shepard X 4 1/2 months old. So i asked to see the shepard first, their was just something about that little face looking up at me. When he came out i won't lie i was terrified. Not ever being a dog ower, having this animal charge at me with fear, curiousity, rage, and maybe even a little bit of love scared to C*** outta me, also the fact that his tag had said 'experianced dog owner req.' I was far from experianced with dogs, but hey theirs always a first for everything right?!? Anyways my sister and i had stuck around for over 3hrs, letting him run around, fetch and giving him treats. A wonderful lady from the pound had come out and worked with us, showing us how to handle this dog with so much talent yet no one to show it to! At this point i was almost convinced he was the one! We left and went for lunch, i didnt want to rush into something that i wasnt to sure on. We had gone back shortly after with my brother-in-law just to see how he would act around a male figure. When we got there it was like we never left, he reconized us right away, he came running up, did some tricks and got some more treats. He was so well behaved with Mike that he was a keeper. I was READY for this challenge, and boy has it been challenging! The strength that this animal has shown me has been an amazing experience! It's like we have given each other a gift, the gift of understanding life just a little more. Trying to see things though his innocent eyes has been rewarding. Knowing that this animal opened up to me and allowed me into his life as i allowed him into mine is a feeling everyone should feel at least once in their lives. So I thank my wonderful sister for encouraging me, and giving me that little extra push I needed to face my fear! Love ya Tina! Here's our Rookie today!

All of life is a journey which paths we take, what we look back on, and what we look forward to is up to us. We determine our destination, what kind of road we will take to get there, and how happy we are when we get there.