Sunday, July 4, 2010

Well the fires around have seem to die down quite a bit. The water bombs are safely parked at the airport awaiting any other 'flair ups'. It was pretty bad here for a few weeks. I woke up one morning and could even see across the street because of all the smoke. Evacuation notice has been removed!

I started packing the house...i know i know its super early still however i'm hoping time will fly by and POOF off we go. I've got 3 boxes packed and marked!

11 days till were out of here on holidays! I so excited to see western Canada. Starting to get a little nervous about white water rafting but i think its going to be so much fun that i'm not gonna have the time to be worried about anything. We managed to get couple hotels for a decent price.

I miss home so much..
I miss everyone..
I miss my Nonna's cooking...
I miss everything...

I hope when we move and have a place of our own that it'll feel more like a 'home'