Friday, October 23, 2009

Life is like a bowl of Cherries

Just when your almost there, when your at the finish line ready to cross the line *POW* you open your eyes and your back at the start line. Life sure has a funny way in showing what you’re sought out to do in this world. Left? Right? Straight? Which way is the best, you really never know until you made your way though the ups and the downs. Just then is when you realize you should have gone left, but no one can go though life looking back and regretting the decisions they’ve made. It’s hard to accept responsibility for the road we choose. The thing to remember is that it’s YOUR life and YOUR the only one who can change it.

---- Life can also be a bowl of cherries with whip cream and apple pie

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I think it’s about time I update this blog. Jon and I were able to get out for a little holiday about a week ago. We both needed a break from the regular routine that we have up here. We showed up a day early and surprised a few people. It was nice to see my grandfather (Nonno) home from the hospital. There’s a long recovery road ahead but he’s taking each day as it comes. I know hospitals are there to help you get better but it seems like they suck the life right out of some people.. Jon’s sister Keri also came home from the hospital and she’s on a lengthy but productive recovery.

I would like to take a minute and send my thoughts and prayers out to the Neima family. We lost a great man dear to all our hearts. I only met Papa a few times but he was full of life and he lived it to the fullest. He had so much love and passion for everything he did. He defiantly left his footprints in my heart and he will never be forgotten. R.I.P Papa.

While we were in Winnipeg we purchased an elliptical. YAY! We’re still waiting for it to arrive up here but I’m hoping for it to be here in the next week if everything goes as planned. But as life seems to prove that statement wrong time and time again, I’m not going to count the chickens before their hatched. My goal is to do 30 minutes a day with a 1 day break in between. I’m also thinking in buying the Jillian Michaels set and becoming a member on her site. I’ve been looking though it and she guarantees it. $4.00 and day $124.00 a month...that part I’m still debating we will see how the motivation comes, and with a wedding creeping up fast I need to tighten up this a$$! We don’t have a scale so it will be good not to have the temptation to step on it after every workout!

We got snow here and I’m pretty sure it’s here to stay. I know it was bound to happen. The only parts I dislike about winter are the short days. I love the day light. I think it would be nice if the summer and winters up here were reversed. LONG days with lots of sunlight in the winter and shorter days in the summer. *sigh* Mother Nature can’t keep all of us happy....

Have a wonderful day.