Saturday, January 17, 2009

Calling all MINI EGGS!

CALLING ALL MINI EGGS!! I only have 1..2...3...4...5....6 oh wait only 5 left!!
Today was a pretty good day! It was so nice outside, only -12!I took Rookie for a little walk, we passed like 10 people, they all seemed so friendly. They all passed with a hello or a wave but then I started maybe they we're just waving and laughing inside because i was the only person who had a dog on a leash up here! oh dear!
I didn't have anything to bake a cake for Jon's br-day so i made COOKIES instead!! Their super yummy, I sent (most of) them into work for him and the boys to munch on!
I finally got a Picture of MARLEY! There she is, her and Rookie were bouncing around all afternoon! She's pretty crazy, when she comes charging at you, she's got the strength to push you right over!

One more day and we can actually call a place ours! I can't wait to start making it our home! The little things, I miss all my pictures and things that remind me of home, family and friends!
We just bought a new TV, 42' flat screen LCDHD baby!! Now i know we really dont need it but i guess we can concider it our welcoming present to eachother!

'In the middle of a difficulty lies opportunity'. ---Einstein, Albert

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