Tuesday, April 21, 2009

what a scare!

Yesterday afternoon i let Rookie outside for about 15mins, when he came back inside he was hacking/licking/sneezing/barking pretty much freaking out. After getting him settled (him still hacking) i tried to pull the bulimic approach but it didn't quite work. So after pacing and following him around the house making sure he doesn't stop breathing Jon came home. He tried to calm him down but Rookie was having no part of anything. So now Jon tries to make him puke, Nothing. *sigh* this was going on ALL night. We talked to a few people seeking advice and it helped a lot, definitely help calm me down! So around 1am I decided to was time to go to bed. Tossing and turning over and over gettting up every hour on the hour just to see if he was ok, finally after he came into our room and calmed down a little i fell asleep. Got up this morning with Jon and found a lump of YUK stuff he obviously yaked up in the middle of the night. What a relief!! Thank you to all the people that helped! Muah!

Its TUESDAY today, yay! 2 more days and we're flying outta here!!

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