Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Wow, i just realized everything is much closer then I thought!
43 days till x-mas...
This year is gonna be a little different. Thank goodness for webcam, I hoping to see everyone x-mas morning Via-webcam! This will be my first year sending out x-mas cards!! I'm so excited, I tell meself every year that i'm going to send cards out but everything else just seemed so much more important. Well I finally woke up and smelled the coffee! Store bought cards this year, However next year home-made cards is my mission! X-mas cards here I come!

185 days till the wedding..
I keep telling myself mostly everything is done but as days get closer I keep thinking of more and more things that need to get done!
--bridal party
--Seating plan
--Guest list
--Chair covers
--Center pieces
--Wedding dress alterations
--Wedding day timeline
--Bridesmaid dresses
--book hotels
--Figure out transportation
--marriage licence (not till closer to the wedding)
--Place cards
--table numbers
--'The day after'
--Hair (confirm and trial)
--Time off (lol)
---------------------------------------------and I'm sure so much more!

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