Friday, January 29, 2010

Adventures in Stoon

Day 1 in good ol' Saskatoon! Today was such a good day, got up at 7am dropped puppy and Jon off at the airport, went to Starbucks for coffee to read my book. I headed over to the mall where I found the best deals ever! Made my way over to my cuzins and went out for lunch, then went to walmart. I was making my way over to the hotel when I decided to go renew my license. Right beside SGI was JYSK I went in just to walk around and to kill some time. They had pretty much everything on sale!!! I bought one of those oil diffusers (rasberry), a really nice creamy colored table cloth, a smaller black table cloth and a string panel. THEN i finally made my way over to the hotel to check in.
I was expecting the hotel room to be just like every other hotel...your typical striped bed cover.....hard bed...mushy pillows...blah blah blah. Well I walked into my room and it is amazing! Big pillow top mattress, fluffy duvet, marshmallow pillows, mini fridge, tv, cool bathroom! *sigh* relaxation!
I was debating going down to eat some supper earlier and I wasn't sure how to charge it to the room (its a business trip). So I asked the front desk how I go about doing it and she says, 'well you may come down to the restaurant and just tell the person serving you that you would like to charge it to your room OR just order room service!!!!!!!!!!! I'll give you one guess what I did!?!?!?! You got it, ordered room service! It was sooooooo yummy, stirfry with rice and some yummy ginger sauce.
Tomorrow I start training 10am wish me luck!

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