Wednesday, June 30, 2010

190 days

190 more days till we get to start a life in a new place! Boy oh boy I cannot wait. I'm not sure if its the actual 'place' or the 'people' in the place. Things change, I just didn't think that they would change this fast. I cannot wait to get a job that I can do something at. Have some resposibillity, help people, do stuff. I understand a paycheque is a paycheque however there is so much more to it then just that.

Just FYI this blog post it going to end up being a mental explosion of emotion and ranting.

Ok so I completly understand in 'Fairness' in the work place but when does it become just a shyt-show. I don't do well when things are done in convince for the employer and nothing for the employee. If your going to throw 'rules' and scheduals into the mix make it fair for everyone not just for people who have apperently EARNED it. Last time i checked being preggo doesn't mean you earned SHYT!

Also being of another 'race' also intitles you to EARNING it. What happened to people who go outta there way to do things to make work a better place?! Seems like no one gives a crap anymore. Working late, not bit*hing about things that should be done a better way, extra little things here and there......THERE IS NO POINT. (Yes i'm bitter)

I tired of stupidity!!! *sigh*

Sorry that you read this...I just needed a spot to rant and get it all out.

16 days till our Road trip
Apx 34 days till i'm home!! (i hope)
190 days till we're outta here!

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