Friday, February 6, 2009

I Challenge You!!

It’s crazy how people act in certain situations. Why is it that when people are feeling defenceless they start to see the whole picture, not just the pretty one they've painted. I sometimes wonder what people are thinking when they act or react to things. This work experiance has given me a whole new perspective on things, on life. Listening to people talk about their life story, pled their case, and/or just want to hear another voice to reassure them that there’s still life beyond 4 walls. I never heard a people so persuasive, lifeless, numb. Being raised with family and friends that show love, respect, maturity, responsibility and so much more, I’ve never looked at the ‘other side.’ This world is filled with so much anger, hate and poverty. Never in my entire life have I ever thought places like this existed in Canada, we see poverty all over the TV’s, ‘donate to this fund,’ ‘adopt this child,’ what about right here in our back yards, it never seems real until your smacked in the face with it, you feel it. Next time you want to pick an argument or say something hurtful, remember there are people out there that don’t know the meaning of love, respect, honestly, responsibility and they never got the opportunity to learn. Instead of taking advantage of hurt take advantage of love.

I CHALLENGE you to say loving words when your angry!
Post comments and share your story of loving words!!

.“All things are possible if you believe.”--Mark 9:23

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  1. ha. funny this comes today near the cresting of a full moon. ha.
    i dont have a loving words story. I have a story where rather than hurtful, harmful words, I chose silence.