Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Guess who got to drive again!(jezz i miss my cherry BOMB) Wow did it ever feel weird sitting behind the steering wheel. I haven’t driven anything since we got out here 35days ago! Now some of you may think that hasn’t been very long, but for someone who LOVES driving it feels like an eternity! Next step is to check out the trails out here! They only have 2 Polaris’ the rest are Skidoos I believe. The trails are pretty basic I’ve been told, accept that there are a lot of spots that have streams running and never really freeze completely, unless you know where they are you got to be extra careful! *sigh* I just want to be able to feel that feeling when your on the most beautiful trail with nothing around you but trees and snow. The one where all your worries in the world drift away, the feeling of floating on a big fluffy marshmallow, that we all love...SNOW! Some may not understand, but it’s a feeling I’ve always had driving a sled. Since my daddy introduced me to them, taught me how to handle, respect and love such an amazing machine. A machine that can be your best friend or your worst enemy.
Jon and I made such a delicious supper last night. We made homemade hamburgers with homemade fries and salad! I got so excited when we went shopping, I found LETTUCE that didn’t have a speck of brown on it! YUMMY! Tonight we’re going over to our neighbours for STEAKS, I’m making my dads secret scalloped potatoes and of course cookies, oatmeal coconut chocolate chip cookies! I never knew this before because I was always so dependent on everyone else for suppers and such that I never took the time to create and invent things of my own but I LOVE TO COOK/BAKE! It’s one of my new found hobbies! Up here it’s extremely difficult to come up with things to eat. We don’t have the convinces, the store is only open from this time to this time anything after or before your ‘SOL’ and it only has certain things to choose from, If you want mayo or ketchup it’ll cost you about 8$ for a small bottle (glad we brought that stuff from Wpg). The closest McDonalds or Subway is about 14hrs away! If anyone is looking for a fast food cut off, this is the place you need to be! Back in Winnipeg, driving past all those gross but delicious places, living in the land of convenience, who would want to make dinner at home! Here all you smell is the fresh crisp air of the Great white North (Tina I know you’re going to have a comment, keep it to yourself because I already hear you saying it, lol).Rookie’s doing great! He’s still working on his fetch game but it’s getting better. He thinks going to get the ball and teasing you by running back and forth is payback for making him go get it! He’s got sit mastered! Jon taught him a new one that he picked up almost immediately, HIGH 5! Down and stay are almost 100%! We’ve been working on ‘take it nice’, again almost there. Sometimes he forgets and gets excited!
Rookie has been an amazing addition to our relationship, Jon and I both share the responsibly. It’s nice to see him with rookie, In a way I believe he’s a stress reliever for him, they love going outside together and rookie loves helping Jon out with new little projects.
I hope everyone is keeping well! Miss you all!

--Far away in the sunshine, are my highest inspirations, I may not reach them but I can look up and see the beauty, believe in them and try to follow where they lead--

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