Wednesday, March 11, 2009

fake or flower?

My sister sent me this link, please so check it out. I cannot believe how true it is. Enjoy!

Today was clean up day! Started the day with some yummy french toast and a strawberry smoothie! Popped in the laundry, folded the clean stuff. Now the kitchen, started to do the dishes and noticed some dust on the shelving unit. So I headed over with a cloth to dust it off. This is where the story gets good! On the top of this shelving unit is a plant, which i thought was fake, it's green(and well i havent watered it since we've been here)! So while i was dusting off the shelf i bumped one of the vine things hanging down and a leaf fell off! Some of you may think this is dumb but it was like a 'um are you kidding me' kinda moment! Tina you know exactly what im talkin a out! So up i go on a chair to pull down this mysterious plant, sure enough its REAL! What it is....i have no clue! I hope someone could help!?!?

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  1. Let's call it medicinal - LMAO! Dry the fallen leaf and call it special sweet grass or something.
    Truthfully, though, it's called a Wax Plant (Hoya). It is virtually indestructable, which, lucky for you, means almost impossible to kill. It may even bloom for you although the blooms will die very quickly. It is usually hung although it can be left sitting to climb. It tends to like bright light but not direct sunshine. Super news is that it is NONTOXIC for dogs although I wouldn't recommend feeding it to Rookie. Google it my dear.
    love, me