Friday, March 13, 2009

Just do it!

Last night I was sitting on the couch watching some TV when all of a sudden Rookie decides he wants to be a lap dog. He jumps up and plops himself down. It was nice to have that moment, the moment to think about life, the good stuff and the road blocks (I’m sure theirs many more to come). However that one moment was enough to remind me how lucky I am to have what I do.

'Someone holds me safe and warm,
horses prance through a silver storm,
Figures dancing gracefully,
across my memory,'

On my way into work this morning (1am), the northern lights were just dancing across the sky! I’ve never seen them so beautiful before. In this busy world we pay so much attention to the ‘wrong’ things that we miss the beauty. Try and take a minute for yourself, just sit there. Think about something that you haven’t done in awhile, a pedicure, manicure, your hair, getting your legs waxed (you know who you are), bought a nice outfit, gone to the movies, listened to your favourite music, gone to a concert, drinks with a friend. Don’t make excuses----JUST DO IT!

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