Saturday, July 4, 2009

Welcome back

Back to reality. This last trip home has been almost like a roller coaster, up/down/around/up/sharp turn/etc. however very productive {I have to thank my sister for that one, she is my inspiration (in·spi·ra·tion)}. She has made me realize things that I never thought possible. She has pushed me to make a decision. She brought me up when I was down. And finally she let me be #1.

My mom had an awesome BBQ on fathers day. It turned out to be such a nice day out. Friends and Family. However Jon wasn't feeling the greatest and went to lay down and I followed. We both had fallen asleep for the majority of the afternoon. All and all the food was delicious and everything turned out perfect! Thanks MoM!!

Steven is getting super big, 5 years old, gosh! Time flys by. I can't believe how fast kids catch on to things. You let them get away with something one time and your screwed!! We had a good time together, every moment cherished!

Little Kami's, My goodness! She just wants to walk everywhere or she wants to be held. But at the end of the day I didn't mind so much because they do grow up fast and sooner then we think, we're not gonna be able to lift them up! She also loves talking! blah blah blah! i swear it all means something, she def. makes you understand! *Tina she will be waring a pretty bow/flower in her hair for the Wedding!!!* xox

Well i guess i better try and sleep a little. Muah! xox

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