Sunday, March 29, 2009

bound to happen....

What an eventful day. This morning I decided to make lasagna for the boys. Everything was going great, a few phone calls to the greatest sister in the world and a messy kitchen--it was all done! HOWEVER, while cleaning up I went to put away a frying pan which is stored under the stove (in the drawer thing) i slid my finger and split it open! OUCH OUCH OUCH!! Now I've had kitchen opps cuts before and never did they feel as painful as this one...after I got the bleeding under control and could actually see my finger, I realized everything that was suppose to be inside my finger kinda was falling out. NOT COOL!!! Bless his soul Jon came running to my side, first aid kit and all. I, being very stubborn refused the help until I came to the conclusion that i really couldn't do anything on my own. So Dr. Jon put some Boo Boo Bandaids on my finger, unfortunatly they didn't quite stop the bleeding. So with a little, ok ok, maybe a lot from him and my sister I finally went to the clinic. The nurse glued my finger shut and put some bandaids on and sent me on my way. AND after hearing what my sister did today sheesh, i guess something was just bound to happen to me! Sister to Sister, she hurts I hurts. jezzzz!!!
The lasagnas we very yummy!! A+!!! whoot whoot!!

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