Friday, March 27, 2009


I sit here every morning and watch the sunrise, from day to day its never the same. Some days it comes shooting up into the sky with such pride, some days it lingers behind the clouds waiting for someone to catch a glimpse of its beauty, some days its just a new color that the sky has never seen, and other days it just sits there holding the mystery of 'what's really out there'.

You all know of the 'wonderful' snow storm your having, yea well we had that a few days before it hit Winnipeg but i'm happy to report the we're having beautiful temps. out here, (ha ha). Anyways, we had the snowplow come and clean our yard. We asked last time that the snow doesn't get piled over top of the fence creating a hill up and over since Rookie likes to roam the yard. Well ask me how impressed I was when I let him out side and 10 mins later go check on him and find him across the street running around like a lost child that can't find his mother! So I call him and he comes running up over and back down the hill. At this point he thinks this is all a game, so about 30-45mins later, of chasing him around the yard I catch him. Needless to say he was on house arrest until Jon got home. Now hes on a cord, hes defiantly NOT impressed!! On a good note he learnt a new trick, he now knows how to speak!! I'm so proud of how well hes adjusted to everything and everyone.

This week has been 'Family week' and every day there has been a dinner catered by the restaurant out here, which by the way is really good! Every night its kinda been a different theme, last night was chinese. A bunch of us decided to go and it was actually really good. It was really nice to see so many people come out and partake in such an awesome event.


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