Sunday, March 22, 2009

To all you blog readers I’m very sorry I haven’t up dated in awhile. The last week + a bunch of days I’ve been working nights and haven’t been able to get the internet at work. So here’s a little update! Work has been crazy busy people coming and going, court was last week, people going on holidays, etc. Our schedule looks kinda like this Work->sleep->work->work->sleep.
Yesterday was my first day off in about 2 weeks. Now it may sounds like I’m complaining however seeing the pay check every 2 weeks is worth it!! Saturday was catching up day, the laundry has been haunting my dreams and the carpet looked like it was going from beige to black from all of the dog hair. So out came the vacuum and down went the clothes. Check and check!! Whoohoo.
There’s a positive to working nights, I get to see the most amazing sunrise I’ve ever seen. Here’s a picture from one morning; the fog is from the rapids.

So being the nice people that we are, we decided to watch Lewis for about 10 days. Not sure if you remember him; he’s the little black mop dog that we had the honour watching the 4th day we were here. So far he and Rookie are doing well; Rookie has a little sharing problem so he just follows Lewis around the house to make sure he doesn’t touch his toys.

'Remember the good times with your loved ones. Always in my prayers'

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